The Man with the Bong

Every company needs to have what is called a “competitive advantage.” Something that they have that they can use against their competition to blow them out of the market. Well, Apple has this, their advantage is like no other. The personality and imaginative mind of Steve Jobs. He is the face of Apple, well was the face of Apple. Before his death in 2011, he had created a technological empire without even having a college degree! He focused on the third dimension of a business that most companies either ignore or leave out completely. Product design, public image, and the consumer were key things that he excelled at. Rather than plug hours on end trying to make a faster processor or more intricate software, he helped promote his products as well as giving them the tools in order to succeed – indeed he did. His creative mind and passion for the people is what lifted him above all else.


Ironically, he credits some of his ideas to the use of marijuana and LSD; both of which are highly seen as negatives in todays world. He said his use of LSD helped open his mind and overall was a positive experience in his life. In fact, he tributes some of his designs for the iMac to his drug usage. His marijuana habit was more recreational and helped him think more creatively, but did not have as great an impact as the other powerful drug mentioned before. Now, why mention someone’s negative habits as a positive? Well, this is a personal insight into his life, one of which most CEO’s and high powers of the world do not have. Its seen as a weakness that other officials hide behind the scenes. This weakness is actually his strength. It shows us that he is just a regular person, like everyone else. These addictions are more relatable and personal that people can trust. His success speaks for itself, but his “bad choices” speak deeper. This tainted image is what helps Apple. His outside approach and wacky mind strive in companies. Its not just black and white, sometimes you need to have the whole spectrum of the rainbow to see what is really out there.


Now don’t think I’m trying to promote drug usage at all, these are substances that are illegal and sometimes counterproductive in todays world. I want to show personal background with relation to a companies success as the reason why Apple is what it is today. Jobs public image was vital in his work. He knew first impressions were what people were going to hold onto. He knew that every minor detail was more important than the product itself. He perfected this art, no other company today has the poise or elegance as Apple has. He also expanded product design. Every day electronic devices are carried from place to place, used in every aspect of a persons life, and are seen not only by the user, but by those surrounded such user. He felt that these devices should look, feel, and represent the standard for all products. The sleekness of an iPhone or the steel unibody of a Mac are key strategic moves in the war of electronics. They present technology as a form of art rather than just a tool. Art that you can use as well as show off. Consumers love this, people love this. Its eye candy that people will notice every time they see it. Theses products are unique and stand out more than their competition. This is what Jobs visioned and what he saw as key success in his business. Other companies try to manipulate or recreate his products, however they fail because they are short one thing- Steve Jobs.


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