The Best Fruit Stand in the World

It’s never an easy thing to get yourself “out there” into the real world or make yourself stand out more than the person sitting next to you. People will only listen if you have something important or relevant to talk about. Otherwise, you’re just another piece of broccoli being pushed to the side of their plate. In order for ones voice to be heard, they need to have a marketing strategy that can captivate people and draw them into whatever it is that you are promoting.

Apple is exceptional at the art of advertising. They know what people want and how they perceive things. It’s not just black and white for them. They take into account the whole rainbow. Most commercials try to show off a product or say why they are better than their competitor. It has become too common to see these ads on a daily basis, thus making it easier to categorize them (as a whole) as a waste of time. It’s a scheme that is easily transparent. Apple has commercials that display the core values of their company. They are very relatable and amusing to watch. Promoting a “good” rather than a service is their way of connecting with people.

A commercial for them has two purposes: show the world that Apple exists and that they are there for the people. Each commercial may highlight a product or idea, but they still hold true to the core values of the company itself. They never draw away from their morals. In fact, these morals compliment their devices. Making the big picture more obvious to the people in a very sneaky way. One important thing that people should know is that Apple likes to keep secrets. Their ideas are for themselves. They do not talk about products or designs, until they feel, it is the right time to express these ideas with the rest of the world. Every year Apple holds multiple events where they disclose these new creations. There are rumors, hints, leaks about their future, but nothing is certain, until the man with the bong, takes the mic and personally introduces his philosophy. This anticipation and unknowingness drives people crazy, making the experience of finding out the next line of products much more enjoyable.

The face of Apple is responsible for this form of advertising. His voice speaks deeper than any other. Instead of speaking to us as if he is better or higher up, he gets down on one knee and looks us straight in the eye. The separation of CEO from consumer is detached here. His vision becomes our reality.

The company itself and Steve Jobs are one in the same. There is no Apple without Jobs, as there is no Jobs without Apple. Marketing is his form of connecting with the people. The personal approach that Apple takes is the missing ingredient that other businesses do not have.  They encourage life and goodness with their actions. A person without any background on technology can watch an Apple advertisement and inadvertently know that this fruit stand has the tastiest apples in all the land.

3 thoughts on “The Best Fruit Stand in the World

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