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It’s More Than Just Glass

A good friend of mine once criticized my room for lacking “ambiance.” I did not quite know what she meant until I took into account where I generally find such “ambiance.” The first places I thought of were Apple retail stores.


This store is actually underground. Also is one of the most commons places of tourism in New York City

Every store is unique and different, they are never the same. Each one has an architecture that is so elegant, it makes buying anything from any other type of store very boring. Entering a Microsoft store has a much different vibe to it. They only sell products, they do not sell life. A certain type of experience happens when you walk into an Apple store, one unlike any other. Excitement and awe is the best way I can describe this experience. The structure and design, is so captivating, it’s hard to believe it’s a retail store. Before even knowing what they sell, just by looking at or being inside the store is enough to influence anyone to walk in and buy something.


Only Apple store to have growing trees inside.

Other companies very rarely have such an appealing atmosphere. In fact, they are just locations and structures designed for one purpose – to sell something. Apple obviously wants to sell products, but they care more about people walking in and getting a hands on approach with their products. This personal interaction is how Apple as a company works, they revolve around the people. They try to make every second with their products or contact with their company memorable. 

Apple Store Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Apple Store Grand Central Terminal, NYC

The glass display of the store is just the beginning of the “Apple experience.” It extends way beyond that with each moment spent in their departments. The workstations and hands on help from Apple employees help to create an environment worth going back to. Next time you’re in one of theses stores, take note of how clean, detailed, and well structured they are.

Apple Store Opéra, Paris

It’s really something to talk about. Some of these locations and buildings that are currently being used as an Apple store, used to be something else. In some cases, very important or historical places. The fruit company, however, doesn’t taint these former places of importance. In fact, they keep everything the same while adding a touch or two to make it into what it is today.

Apple Store Regent Street, London

Other companies have yet to break into this style of marketing. They cannot get on the personal level with the consumer, while at the same time try to sell them something. It’s not an easy thing to do, but Apple has perfected this art. As a company they already know how appealing their products are. They let their image speak for itself, rather than having a sales associate try to sway a person into purchasing their utilities. All they want is the opportunity to sell you something, their aroma and everything else will close the deal. Walk past or into one of these stores and try to resist buying something, it’s actually pretty hard.

They even sell products over busy streets

Personal integration met with supreme technology is the formula for success in the Apple industry. Being with the people, creating for the people, and catering to the people come first before anything else. Their goal is to share their virtue and create an environment worth the time of the human being. All they ask is a chance for them to show you this by coming into their stores even if you don’t buy anything. They want you as a customer, but will wait until you’ve decided to make that leap into their realm. This patience and perception is how Apple lures millions of people into their stores everyday. All one has to do is step through those glass doors from one world to the next. 


What’s in the Box is Just as Important as the Box Itself

Opening any new item or product is always exhilarating. That feel of getting the latest and greatest device and the anticipation that awaits it, is always a fun experience. Everything about a company can be described with just the appearance of their packaging. In particular, Apple has always been the leader in product wrapping. They do a superb job of creating that anxious feeling of excitement and anticipation for the consumer. They take into consideration everything that a person wants in a company.


Smooth, elegant, yet very simple.

This again is another crumb that they use to their advantage. First impressions are everything, before even seeing the product hands on, the mere shape, texture, and look of the box is enough to entice anyone. Particularly what they do, is take all the unnecessary extras and bulk of their packaging and make it simpler. All white, perfectly squared (or rectangular) box, with just a picture of the product and of course the Apple icon. That’s it, that’s all that needs to be displayed. Its simple yet one of the best marketing strategies to surface in todays world. Not only is the box itself clean and well presented, but it also fits well with anything else. Meaning its shape has a specific distinction that is easily organizable and easy to look at. Anytime you walk into an Apple store, somewhere in the room there is a section with all their products perfectly stacked one by one next to each other.


This is something that attracts people, its all the same product but in one perfect looking display. A form of art is how I like to call it. When they take one off the display it’s that easy, right into your hands. The simple interaction with purchasing a new iPhone is so clean and crisp. This doesn’t really happen when buying anything else. It’s never as simple. Comparing this form of art to lets say buying a Nokia Lumia 1020, are two very different experiences. First, you have to go into an AT&T store, and that’s never fun. Customer service is lacking and its never the real feel of the company itself. It’s almost like buying a video game at a supermarket, it just feels off. Next, the packaging of the Nokia is not nearly as elegant as the iPhone casing. It has all that unnecessary color and description that should be left out. It’s more complicated and distracting.


Similar in shape, but many more distractions on the box that draw away from the product.

The outside of the box is only half of the visual packaging, the other half is internal. Simple, yet careful detail, is found everywhere inside the box of an Apple product. There are no extras or unnecessary compartments, only what is needed and nothing more. The simplicity of it is ironic to the complexity of the device itself. Just another way that Apple likes to cater to the user. They try to make everything as humble as possible. It also shows how easy and convenient these products are. They’re small, yet accessible with all the extra tools taking up minimal space. Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 6.04.47 PM insideiPhonebox

Ingenious ideas, like packaging is how Apple makes billions and billions every year. They take every aspect of their products seriously and intern try to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the consumer.

The Crumbs Are Always the Best Part

Every time you eat at a restaurant or at home or wherever you are, make sure to clear your plate! Those seemingly insignificant crumbs or parcels are the best part of the meal. They remind you of how good (or bad) your meal was. They are the important details left unturned. These are exactly what Apple likes to pick up. They use these crumbs to make another meal, they integrate small details into the bigger picture.


Certain utilities or features that the user takes for granted are exactly what makes an Apple an Apple and not a Windows. From the design of their products to the mere shape of the box it comes in, makes everything flow smoother. They take the simplest ways in making their devices. They carry no bulk. In fact, with each new upgrade everything becomes even smaller and more accessible.

A feature like “Find My iPhone” is something not seen in other companies products. It makes it easy to find any of your devices (from any device) when needed. FaceTime is another feature that is easy to use among all your iOS devices that is much simpler and part of the core dynamics of the Apple operating system. Other devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, do not have any easy time manipulating this feature. These other devices are much less common than iOS products. Nearly everyone in todays world owns at least one iOS device, this makes it that much easier to communicate between devices and share the same user interface with one another. The popularity of Apple has grown in large numbers in the past decade, creating a world where it is uncommon if someone doesn’t own at least one iOS device. Battery life is another feature that Apple excels at. Even though many people complain about this, other devices are far behind. A lot of people do not know how to use their products properly to save battery and this is a major problem. Ignorance with technology will lead anyone down a long frustrating road. If used in the right manner an iPhone user can use all the features of their phone for a full day without charge. These crumbs are the best part of Apple, they make buying their products worth it each and every time. Try finding these crumbs in other devices, I guarantee they are not nearly as smooth and easy to use. Next time you pick up your iOS device I encourage you to seek these crumbs for what they are and thank yourself for choosing Apple over anything else.

The Man with the Bong

Every company needs to have what is called a “competitive advantage.” Something that they have that they can use against their competition to blow them out of the market. Well, Apple has this, their advantage is like no other. The personality and imaginative mind of Steve Jobs. He is the face of Apple, well was the face of Apple. Before his death in 2011, he had created a technological empire without even having a college degree! He focused on the third dimension of a business that most companies either ignore or leave out completely. Product design, public image, and the consumer were key things that he excelled at. Rather than plug hours on end trying to make a faster processor or more intricate software, he helped promote his products as well as giving them the tools in order to succeed – indeed he did. His creative mind and passion for the people is what lifted him above all else.


Ironically, he credits some of his ideas to the use of marijuana and LSD; both of which are highly seen as negatives in todays world. He said his use of LSD helped open his mind and overall was a positive experience in his life. In fact, he tributes some of his designs for the iMac to his drug usage. His marijuana habit was more recreational and helped him think more creatively, but did not have as great an impact as the other powerful drug mentioned before. Now, why mention someone’s negative habits as a positive? Well, this is a personal insight into his life, one of which most CEO’s and high powers of the world do not have. Its seen as a weakness that other officials hide behind the scenes. This weakness is actually his strength. It shows us that he is just a regular person, like everyone else. These addictions are more relatable and personal that people can trust. His success speaks for itself, but his “bad choices” speak deeper. This tainted image is what helps Apple. His outside approach and wacky mind strive in companies. Its not just black and white, sometimes you need to have the whole spectrum of the rainbow to see what is really out there.


Now don’t think I’m trying to promote drug usage at all, these are substances that are illegal and sometimes counterproductive in todays world. I want to show personal background with relation to a companies success as the reason why Apple is what it is today. Jobs public image was vital in his work. He knew first impressions were what people were going to hold onto. He knew that every minor detail was more important than the product itself. He perfected this art, no other company today has the poise or elegance as Apple has. He also expanded product design. Every day electronic devices are carried from place to place, used in every aspect of a persons life, and are seen not only by the user, but by those surrounded such user. He felt that these devices should look, feel, and represent the standard for all products. The sleekness of an iPhone or the steel unibody of a Mac are key strategic moves in the war of electronics. They present technology as a form of art rather than just a tool. Art that you can use as well as show off. Consumers love this, people love this. Its eye candy that people will notice every time they see it. Theses products are unique and stand out more than their competition. This is what Jobs visioned and what he saw as key success in his business. Other companies try to manipulate or recreate his products, however they fail because they are short one thing- Steve Jobs.

Why Eating Fruit Can Help You Better Your Self in the Field of Technology

There is nothing more frustrating in life than technology, especially when it does not work. The world is growing in the direction of technological advances where if one does not keep up they will fall behind.  The key to having minimal troubles with this is simple, EAT FRUIT! ImageRemember when your mom would tell you, “eat your fruits and vegetables, so you can get big and strong!” well this correlates perfectly with technology. Fruits are bountiful, they provide us with nutrition, energy, and even a good after taste. They are ideal in everyday life to maintain a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. So, how can fruit possibly help you with technology? Well its easy, start eating plenty of Apples. What I mean by this is, start integrating Apple products into your life. Throw away (or sell) your Windows PC’s, tablets, and smartphones as well as any other form of non apple related technology. These devices are in a way holding you back. These are what I call “rotten vegetables.” They may get the job done, but in a much different way than “fruits” do. They need to be prepared properly or put in the right dish to be enjoyed otherwise you will just push them to the side of your plate. This preparation or extra effort to mix it with the right foods are exactly what is wrong with other technologies. This is their flaw! Fruits can be picked up and eaten on the go and are enjoyable without any further contamination. Apple products work the same way. They are easy to use instruments that not only provide the user with easy access to its capabilities, but also they perform these tasks with a much smoother interface. These products work even better when used together. Having an all Apple mentality will decrease your stress of everyday technological struggles. Each product compliments the other. They all run the same operating system, iOS. When using just iOS utilities everything becomes smoother. The connection and dialogue between these devices becomes uninterrupted. Whereas if you had a PC, iPhone, and a Kindle, the interaction between devices would be interrupted, thus more frustrating for the user. Think of it this way, iOS—> iOS—> iOS or iOS—> Windows—> Android.


When running different operating systems, with different products, the lingo between devices is much different and causes more confusion when using them. Items and key settings are different and vary from product to product. So when trying to use them all at once with a smooth flow, it becomes jumbled to the user and causes unnecessary frustration. Now you might say, “why not use just windows devices?” AH HA! This is where Apple as a company comes into play. Its not all about the product and this is Apple’s key competitive advantage over other companies. This however, is a whole new ball game and the reason why eating just fruit is better than eating any vegetables at all.