Emotional Yet Professional

There have been many life changing inventions in the past decade; from portable GPS systems to the creation of the tablet. These ideas are all unique and successful in their respective ways. However, one feature trumps them all. One that meets an emotional perspective as well as a professional one. This we call, FaceTime. Apple did the impossible in late June of 2010. They finally made visual face to face calls accessible to everyone – on a mobile device. The awe and anticipation with this new feature was exhilarating at the time. Only three years later and we already look past this concept, as if it is a standard. This opened up new doors for the mobile industry as well as people in general. Being able to tell your husband, from the nursing bed that you are with child, face to face, is now possible.

The emotion involved with your first FaceTime call is priceless. Being able to see another person’s reaction when you tell them, “I love you” or even, “how are you” make the smallest difference in a world surrounded by the big picture. We are in a transition period where visual calls will soon surpass audio calls. The first time a person makes one of these calls it’s memorable and a new experience all together. The thought, “is this even real” comes into play. I remember laughing during my first encounter with FaceTime. I was in shock and still trying to process what was going on. It was so futuristic, yet was right there in the palm of my hand. People now have something to be happy about.

The sentimental feel with this feature comes straight from the core of Apple. They created FaceTime with the intention of connecting people, while implementing a new standard of how we communicate. Prior to 2010, text messaging and phone calls were the only way to have direct contact with another person (aside from thirty party applications). Now they have created a new category of personal interaction with FaceTime. Apple is the only company to have such a moving experience for the individual. The wonder behind visual calls are only half the accomplishment. The other half is professionalism. Apple has now created a way to see what a person is talking about or referencing. It provides a much more practical way of communicating. This is not only convenient, but is vital in the way the world is moving. Now all iOS devices and Macs are capable of this feature. Further encouraging the use of this exponential tool between all Apple fans.

(Fast forward to 0:45 seconds, stop at 1:50)

The fruit stand has a way with people. They are motivated by the sensation that their products have, which intern makes it even better for the consumer. Bringing people together indirectly through the use of technology is only seen through the eyes of Apple. They meet people with state of the art equipment. Other corporations lack this revolutionary concept. They create products to sell, not products for the people. Even with all their efforts, they still fail to draw the attention of the audience. Their voice simply doesn’t reach past the first ten rows. Apple is a company made by people for the people. Creating something is easy, however finding someone who admires this creation is not. There are very few ideas, in a lifetime, that captivate people, FaceTime is one of them.


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