Even When They Go Wrong, They Make it Better

Apple is racing towards perfection. Making every experience for the individual memorable and pleasant. Rarely do they fail to complete this task. Any problems that are caused by the company itself are immediately taken care of and resolved. Apple takes responsibility for their miscues and are ashamed at their flaws. When the iPhone 4 was first being brought to the consumer, the devices service was being affected when held in a certain way. Apple couldn’t take these devices back, but they gave out free bumper cases to anyone who bought an iPhone 4. These cases fixed the antenna problem. A $40 accessory made free because they knew they were responsible for this issue. Most companies would let the issue persist and accept their flaw. However, Apple tried making things better and went crazy by handing out free cases.


Whenever an internal problem occurs or a malfunction of the device, Apple is willing to replace the broken product with a remanufactured one. This is also applied to devices that have issues with the lock/home buttons not working properly. Not only is there an immediate solution so that you can continue using the device, but they will swap out the broken one with a working one. These are seen as issues caused or brought on by the manufacturing of the product, which goes back to the company.


Apple promotes goodness over anything else. If they feel a product is unjust or is not working up to par, they will fix this problem. Making the user feel more catered to as well as applying a sense of right and wrong to the situation. A personal trait of communication that is valuable in the business of electronics. People have trust in Apple. It’s a company run by morals rather than greediness. An understanding between consumer and corporation is displayed here. Apple is a responsible distributer, that will trade out a bruised fruit with a shiny one.


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