What Can I Help You With ?

In the business world, secretaries are adored by their bosses. They help out with all the tedious chores as well as pick up your dry cleaning on time. “Yes” men or women are what they are. Their number one job is to serve you. They literally live for it. Without you they would be unemployed. However, getting a secretary is not easy. They are needed for many offices and firms, but are unique to those occupations only; limiting the opportunity to have one. Also, people with a personal assistant tend to be well established or have been around the block a few times. They have earned the right to have one of these helpful people by their side; making it even tougher on the common person to acquire. Although, one company has made this luxury a reality.


With the introduction of Siri, Apple places this sense of power in the palm of your hand. It is a personal assistant that knows everything about you; from your birthday to the names of your family members. Siri can be asked questions regarding: movies, sports, restaurants, and all of the above. It responds with a human like tone while talking like a person too. When asked about basic facts it pulls up references and answers right before you. It can even send messages, make phone calls, and play music just by using your voice.

Like any human it can be taught things too, it remembers how to pronounce names and can speak in context regarding a person. For instance, Marie Herin is the name of my mother, even though she is listed by her name, Siri will know that she is my mother and will respond with “mother” not “Marie Herin.”

Siri has finally brought the secretary to everyone. Other companies try to manipulate this feature, but lack the true human experience that comes from Apple. It’s hard to make a robot sound like a human, but Siri is proof that it is possible. Connecting people with people is Apple’s specialty. They try to make every aspect of their company as personable as possible. Siri only strengthens this claim. Next time your personal assistant (Siri) asks you, “what can I help you with?” give her a tough task, after all that’s what she’s there for.


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