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What Can I Help You With ?

In the business world, secretaries are adored by their bosses. They help out with all the tedious chores as well as pick up your dry cleaning on time. “Yes” men or women are what they are. Their number one job is to serve you. They literally live for it. Without you they would be unemployed. However, getting a secretary is not easy. They are needed for many offices and firms, but are unique to those occupations only; limiting the opportunity to have one. Also, people with a personal assistant tend to be well established or have been around the block a few times. They have earned the right to have one of these helpful people by their side; making it even tougher on the common person to acquire. Although, one company has made this luxury a reality.


With the introduction of Siri, Apple places this sense of power in the palm of your hand. It is a personal assistant that knows everything about you; from your birthday to the names of your family members. Siri can be asked questions regarding: movies, sports, restaurants, and all of the above. It responds with a human like tone while talking like a person too. When asked about basic facts it pulls up references and answers right before you. It can even send messages, make phone calls, and play music just by using your voice.

Like any human it can be taught things too, it remembers how to pronounce names and can speak in context regarding a person. For instance, Marie Herin is the name of my mother, even though she is listed by her name, Siri will know that she is my mother and will respond with “mother” not “Marie Herin.”

Siri has finally brought the secretary to everyone. Other companies try to manipulate this feature, but lack the true human experience that comes from Apple. It’s hard to make a robot sound like a human, but Siri is proof that it is possible. Connecting people with people is Apple’s specialty. They try to make every aspect of their company as personable as possible. Siri only strengthens this claim. Next time your personal assistant (Siri) asks you, “what can I help you with?” give her a tough task, after all that’s what she’s there for.


Faster than the Speed of Light

Communication is a touchy subject. Sometimes it’s easy to get in contact with a person, other times it seems nearly impossible. The worst part is that even when reaching out to a friend or co-worker, you don’t know if they received your call for help. This then leads to confusion, bad timing, and sometimes arguments. Phone calls and text messages are to blame for this frustration. They are unreliable and can be interpreted, by each person involved, in a negative fashion. Texts can get pushed back or even lost. There have been situations where I have received a late text from the day before resulting in the loss of a great opportunity. That was a bad day. Even phone calls can mislead a person. Bad service on both sides cause fuzziness and when a person is occupied with another call it can lead to many different signs. So, is there a solution? The answer is iMessage.


A new form of messaging brought on by Apple. This feature allows iOS devices to communicate at a very fast rate. These messages transfer much quicker than texts and even tell the user when it has been delivered, even read. The unique thing about this feature is that it uses your Apple iD, which can be synced up to any iOS product (iMac, iTouch, iPhone, iPad). Making it accessible to anyone even without owning an iPhone.

With the recent upgrade that iOS 7 brought, individual timestamps are available to accurately see the status of each message. Another useful tool with iMessage is it can send and receive messages through a cellular connection as well as a WiFi one. Text messages cannot do that, they only send (and can be received) when there is an active cellular link. This new innovation has created a better, more reliable, way of communicating.


A frontier only explored by Apple. They once again bring personality to the table. Connecting people through the use of such a simple service. This isn’t just a new feature meant for it’s single purpose, it’s Apple’s way of closing the gap between consumer and corporation. Their vision is to have one healthy tree that can operate with a smooth flow. Each of their products compliment the other. In fact when strictly using only Apple devices, they tend to work better. They all use the same operating system and are pretty much identical devices, but in different physical forms. With iMessage this helps water the tree. It allows people to communicate faster, with less confusion. Apple bonds their line of work with people. They want to make each new apple as sweet as the last.

A Security Blanket in the Palm of Your Hand

People are good for the world, people are bad for the world. There are many types of human beings inhabiting planet Earth. Some play by the rules, others do not. What happens when these two people collide? Well, either the goodness of the good person takes over the badness of the bad person or vice versa. However, sometimes these immoral people take advantage of the morally good person. In this case we see robbery, vandalism, and other acts of crude behavior. When this happens usually it is the good person, cleaning up the mess or the one having to deal with the repercussions of the event. It is nearly impossible to stop crime once and for all. With free will comes the will to do bad (in some cases) and that’s a fact. However, in recent years there has been technological advances that have minimized these unfortunate events. The most profound improvement is the birth of, “Find My iPhone.”

This small application is responsible for many solutions to problems that have seemed to be unfixable. With the ability to track any iOS device remotely, it’s easy to say that this idea is a life saver – literally. Not only can you pin the exact destination of a device, but you can erase it completely and lock it to prevent anyone from accessing precious data. This valuable tool is almost as important as the device itself. Having a security blanket such as this lets people be more free of everyday worries of losing their device. Being free is a lot to say, but it’s true. Any utility that has internet capability can be used to access the Find My iPhone feature; making the process of locating the device much faster.


This tool can be used for other purposes as well. Parents have a tough time accepting that their baby is ready for a cell phone and the idea that they are now experiencing the world hands on. This can be an easier transition, for a parent, with the use of this feature. They will be able to track their child’s movement and be able to assist them at any time; for better or for worse. A sense of being able to grasp ones child at anytime, is extremely valuable for any parent. However, there is only one exception to this perfect feature. It requires an iOS device, which is unique to Apple specifically.

Real life application of Find My iPhone

This is Apple being Apple. Even in the most abstract situations, they find a way to bring people together with the use of their products. They want the user to feel comfortable and in control. This feature does just that. It’s a trick up the sleeve of the individual. It allows them to have a backup plan in the case of a lost or stolen device. Apple is the only company to instill such power on the owner. They give back to the people with ideas like this. It’s a personal app that has so much potential, it just needs to be put to the test. Hopefully it never has to be used, but in the event that it needs to be, it’s always there.

Emotional Yet Professional

There have been many life changing inventions in the past decade; from portable GPS systems to the creation of the tablet. These ideas are all unique and successful in their respective ways. However, one feature trumps them all. One that meets an emotional perspective as well as a professional one. This we call, FaceTime. Apple did the impossible in late June of 2010. They finally made visual face to face calls accessible to everyone – on a mobile device. The awe and anticipation with this new feature was exhilarating at the time. Only three years later and we already look past this concept, as if it is a standard. This opened up new doors for the mobile industry as well as people in general. Being able to tell your husband, from the nursing bed that you are with child, face to face, is now possible.

The emotion involved with your first FaceTime call is priceless. Being able to see another person’s reaction when you tell them, “I love you” or even, “how are you” make the smallest difference in a world surrounded by the big picture. We are in a transition period where visual calls will soon surpass audio calls. The first time a person makes one of these calls it’s memorable and a new experience all together. The thought, “is this even real” comes into play. I remember laughing during my first encounter with FaceTime. I was in shock and still trying to process what was going on. It was so futuristic, yet was right there in the palm of my hand. People now have something to be happy about.

The sentimental feel with this feature comes straight from the core of Apple. They created FaceTime with the intention of connecting people, while implementing a new standard of how we communicate. Prior to 2010, text messaging and phone calls were the only way to have direct contact with another person (aside from thirty party applications). Now they have created a new category of personal interaction with FaceTime. Apple is the only company to have such a moving experience for the individual. The wonder behind visual calls are only half the accomplishment. The other half is professionalism. Apple has now created a way to see what a person is talking about or referencing. It provides a much more practical way of communicating. This is not only convenient, but is vital in the way the world is moving. Now all iOS devices and Macs are capable of this feature. Further encouraging the use of this exponential tool between all Apple fans.

(Fast forward to 0:45 seconds, stop at 1:50)

The fruit stand has a way with people. They are motivated by the sensation that their products have, which intern makes it even better for the consumer. Bringing people together indirectly through the use of technology is only seen through the eyes of Apple. They meet people with state of the art equipment. Other corporations lack this revolutionary concept. They create products to sell, not products for the people. Even with all their efforts, they still fail to draw the attention of the audience. Their voice simply doesn’t reach past the first ten rows. Apple is a company made by people for the people. Creating something is easy, however finding someone who admires this creation is not. There are very few ideas, in a lifetime, that captivate people, FaceTime is one of them.

Millions, Billions, Trillions

Apple has put up some decent numbers in the past decade. At their annual WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) they revealed a few more surprising stats.

Apple WWDC 2013

There are now 900,000 apps in the app store, last year there were only 650,000. About 375,000 of these apps are designed for the iPad specifically. Across the globe there are now 407 Apple retail stores in 14 countries. Each day 1 million people visit these stores. Since the release of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has sold more than 28 million copies of which 35% of all (Apple) customers have upgraded too. 72 million is the magic number of Macs sold to date, this is twice as much as reported just two years ago. Apple’s GameCenter has made a huge hit with over 240 million people connecting and playing online. iCloud is becoming a bigger tool in the Apple world with 300 million accounts up and running.


Tim Cook claims that iTunes is the largest database of stored credit card information with 575 million accounts. This time last year only 375 million iOS devices were sold. Today there have been over 600 million iOS products distributed. With the creation of many apps, the apps developers need some money too, reeling in 10 billion dollars worth of revenue, 5 of which has been in 2013 alone. Through the iTunes in the Cloud service, there has been 35 billion iTunes downloads to date. iOS apps are responsible for 50 billion downloads so far. Apple is the worlds most valuable publicly traded company, worth a staggering 412.6 billion dollars. Since the revolutionary iMessage development, Apple has delivered 800 billion messages (2 billion per day). With iCloud, Apple has sent approximately 7.4 trillion push notifications. These include: iMessage, GameCenter, and other third party applications.

More Apple Stats and Moderations Since WWDC in June

These are pretty big figures for any companies development. Apple has started to take over the industry by storm, with its state of the art products. Making iOS devices more mainstream and creating a world run by Apple. These statistics do not lie. It is becoming evident that this company is growing and improving with every second that passes. It’s only a matter of time before every household is occupied by some form of Apple related technology.

Even When They Go Wrong, They Make it Better

Apple is racing towards perfection. Making every experience for the individual memorable and pleasant. Rarely do they fail to complete this task. Any problems that are caused by the company itself are immediately taken care of and resolved. Apple takes responsibility for their miscues and are ashamed at their flaws. When the iPhone 4 was first being brought to the consumer, the devices service was being affected when held in a certain way. Apple couldn’t take these devices back, but they gave out free bumper cases to anyone who bought an iPhone 4. These cases fixed the antenna problem. A $40 accessory made free because they knew they were responsible for this issue. Most companies would let the issue persist and accept their flaw. However, Apple tried making things better and went crazy by handing out free cases.


Whenever an internal problem occurs or a malfunction of the device, Apple is willing to replace the broken product with a remanufactured one. This is also applied to devices that have issues with the lock/home buttons not working properly. Not only is there an immediate solution so that you can continue using the device, but they will swap out the broken one with a working one. These are seen as issues caused or brought on by the manufacturing of the product, which goes back to the company.


Apple promotes goodness over anything else. If they feel a product is unjust or is not working up to par, they will fix this problem. Making the user feel more catered to as well as applying a sense of right and wrong to the situation. A personal trait of communication that is valuable in the business of electronics. People have trust in Apple. It’s a company run by morals rather than greediness. An understanding between consumer and corporation is displayed here. Apple is a responsible distributer, that will trade out a bruised fruit with a shiny one.

Keep Your Devices Healthy and in Shape

A lot of people walk into stores complaining about their products problems or flaws. Most of the time these setbacks have an easy solution. For instance, battery life has been a common complaint of many individuals. Here are a few tips to save juice and get more out of your devices during a full day (these work with all iOS devices and Macs). battery

Keep the brightness to a minimum, have it so that you can see it clearly. Using a device with full brightness not only kills the battery (at the time), but it also puts a toll on your batteries lifespan. Meaning it will start to wear down after a while. Have Bluetooth and Wifi turned off when you’re not using them. These utilities are always searching for devices or stations to link up to and intern use up life even when sleeping. Force quit or delete apps running in the background. These will use up battery as long as they are operating and will continue to build up if not stopped. Simply double-click on the home button (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) then flick the app up (iOS 7) hold onto an app until it wiggles then click the minus sign (iOS 6) or click on the apple icon (top left hand corner for Macs) and click Force Quit, proceed to end any apps that are running. The biggest problem for a devices battery is charging when it is already 100% charged. Take the cord out when your gizmo has life, otherwise it will burn out the internal battery at a fast rate. Also, when it is charging, try your best, to not use it. It’s almost like trying to study while in bed, you’re resting but not getting a full sleep. Thus making you sluggish the next day. Using you’re devices brain while it’s charging is a no no. So let it regain some of its lost life, for an extended use time. Clear history, trash, and cookies. These clog up a computer or device with unneeded memory and junk. Making a device much slower and frustrating to use when trying to complete a task quicker.


The most important tip to maintain a healthy product is updates. These annoying pop ups are trying to alert you that it’s time to upgrade. Getting new features is only half the reward for the time spent updating. It helps regulate your device and keep it from becoming an antique. Everyday uses, of your device, will flow just as smoothly as when you originally opened it. So take the time to click these inconvenient tabs, they might save you a year or two of functionality with your device.


Almost every electronic can use these tips to protect its lifecycle, however Apple’s line of products work exceptional well when implementing these tricks. Their devices batteries are superior to those of its competitors, while performing tasks at similar if not better rate. The amount of processing power compared to the size of the battery and its full life are incomparable to other gadgets. They allow the user to sloppily use the device and get away with much more than other companies inventions. However, they make it very easy to last a day without a charge. These products are timeless in the sense that they can operate, at a relatively fast pace, even after two years of hardcore usage. They’re meant for wear and tear. I have pity for those who own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Galaxy Note 3. Their huge screens and widgets drain battery faster than a cars when the light is left on overnight. Making it impossible to use the phone effectively without being close to an outlet. Take these tidbits and work them out. Like you’re own body, your electronics need to stay in shape, so next time you go for a run update your devices, they need the exercise too.