Why Eating Fruit Can Help You Better Your Self in the Field of Technology

There is nothing more frustrating in life than technology, especially when it does not work. The world is growing in the direction of technological advances where if one does not keep up they will fall behind.  The key to having minimal troubles with this is simple, EAT FRUIT! ImageRemember when your mom would tell you, “eat your fruits and vegetables, so you can get big and strong!” well this correlates perfectly with technology. Fruits are bountiful, they provide us with nutrition, energy, and even a good after taste. They are ideal in everyday life to maintain a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. So, how can fruit possibly help you with technology? Well its easy, start eating plenty of Apples. What I mean by this is, start integrating Apple products into your life. Throw away (or sell) your Windows PC’s, tablets, and smartphones as well as any other form of non apple related technology. These devices are in a way holding you back. These are what I call “rotten vegetables.” They may get the job done, but in a much different way than “fruits” do. They need to be prepared properly or put in the right dish to be enjoyed otherwise you will just push them to the side of your plate. This preparation or extra effort to mix it with the right foods are exactly what is wrong with other technologies. This is their flaw! Fruits can be picked up and eaten on the go and are enjoyable without any further contamination. Apple products work the same way. They are easy to use instruments that not only provide the user with easy access to its capabilities, but also they perform these tasks with a much smoother interface. These products work even better when used together. Having an all Apple mentality will decrease your stress of everyday technological struggles. Each product compliments the other. They all run the same operating system, iOS. When using just iOS utilities everything becomes smoother. The connection and dialogue between these devices becomes uninterrupted. Whereas if you had a PC, iPhone, and a Kindle, the interaction between devices would be interrupted, thus more frustrating for the user. Think of it this way, iOS—> iOS—> iOS or iOS—> Windows—> Android.


When running different operating systems, with different products, the lingo between devices is much different and causes more confusion when using them. Items and key settings are different and vary from product to product. So when trying to use them all at once with a smooth flow, it becomes jumbled to the user and causes unnecessary frustration. Now you might say, “why not use just windows devices?” AH HA! This is where Apple as a company comes into play. Its not all about the product and this is Apple’s key competitive advantage over other companies. This however, is a whole new ball game and the reason why eating just fruit is better than eating any vegetables at all.

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