Millions, Billions, Trillions

Apple has put up some decent numbers in the past decade. At their annual WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) they revealed a few more surprising stats.

Apple WWDC 2013

There are now 900,000 apps in the app store, last year there were only 650,000. About 375,000 of these apps are designed for the iPad specifically. Across the globe there are now 407 Apple retail stores in 14 countries. Each day 1 million people visit these stores. Since the release of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has sold more than 28 million copies of which 35% of all (Apple) customers have upgraded too. 72 million is the magic number of Macs sold to date, this is twice as much as reported just two years ago. Apple’s GameCenter has made a huge hit with over 240 million people connecting and playing online. iCloud is becoming a bigger tool in the Apple world with 300 million accounts up and running.


Tim Cook claims that iTunes is the largest database of stored credit card information with 575 million accounts. This time last year only 375 million iOS devices were sold. Today there have been over 600 million iOS products distributed. With the creation of many apps, the apps developers need some money too, reeling in 10 billion dollars worth of revenue, 5 of which has been in 2013 alone. Through the iTunes in the Cloud service, there has been 35 billion iTunes downloads to date. iOS apps are responsible for 50 billion downloads so far. Apple is the worlds most valuable publicly traded company, worth a staggering 412.6 billion dollars. Since the revolutionary iMessage development, Apple has delivered 800 billion messages (2 billion per day). With iCloud, Apple has sent approximately 7.4 trillion push notifications. These include: iMessage, GameCenter, and other third party applications.

More Apple Stats and Moderations Since WWDC in June

These are pretty big figures for any companies development. Apple has started to take over the industry by storm, with its state of the art products. Making iOS devices more mainstream and creating a world run by Apple. These statistics do not lie. It is becoming evident that this company is growing and improving with every second that passes. It’s only a matter of time before every household is occupied by some form of Apple related technology.


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