The Crumbs Are Always the Best Part

Every time you eat at a restaurant or at home or wherever you are, make sure to clear your plate! Those seemingly insignificant crumbs or parcels are the best part of the meal. They remind you of how good (or bad) your meal was. They are the important details left unturned. These are exactly what Apple likes to pick up. They use these crumbs to make another meal, they integrate small details into the bigger picture.


Certain utilities or features that the user takes for granted are exactly what makes an Apple an Apple and not a Windows. From the design of their products to the mere shape of the box it comes in, makes everything flow smoother. They take the simplest ways in making their devices. They carry no bulk. In fact, with each new upgrade everything becomes even smaller and more accessible.

A feature like “Find My iPhone” is something not seen in other companies products. It makes it easy to find any of your devices (from any device) when needed. FaceTime is another feature that is easy to use among all your iOS devices that is much simpler and part of the core dynamics of the Apple operating system. Other devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, do not have any easy time manipulating this feature. These other devices are much less common than iOS products. Nearly everyone in todays world owns at least one iOS device, this makes it that much easier to communicate between devices and share the same user interface with one another. The popularity of Apple has grown in large numbers in the past decade, creating a world where it is uncommon if someone doesn’t own at least one iOS device. Battery life is another feature that Apple excels at. Even though many people complain about this, other devices are far behind. A lot of people do not know how to use their products properly to save battery and this is a major problem. Ignorance with technology will lead anyone down a long frustrating road. If used in the right manner an iPhone user can use all the features of their phone for a full day without charge. These crumbs are the best part of Apple, they make buying their products worth it each and every time. Try finding these crumbs in other devices, I guarantee they are not nearly as smooth and easy to use. Next time you pick up your iOS device I encourage you to seek these crumbs for what they are and thank yourself for choosing Apple over anything else.

One thought on “The Crumbs Are Always the Best Part

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