Faster than the Speed of Light

Communication is a touchy subject. Sometimes it’s easy to get in contact with a person, other times it seems nearly impossible. The worst part is that even when reaching out to a friend or co-worker, you don’t know if they received your call for help. This then leads to confusion, bad timing, and sometimes arguments. Phone calls and text messages are to blame for this frustration. They are unreliable and can be interpreted, by each person involved, in a negative fashion. Texts can get pushed back or even lost. There have been situations where I have received a late text from the day before resulting in the loss of a great opportunity. That was a bad day. Even phone calls can mislead a person. Bad service on both sides cause fuzziness and when a person is occupied with another call it can lead to many different signs. So, is there a solution? The answer is iMessage.


A new form of messaging brought on by Apple. This feature allows iOS devices to communicate at a very fast rate. These messages transfer much quicker than texts and even tell the user when it has been delivered, even read. The unique thing about this feature is that it uses your Apple iD, which can be synced up to any iOS product (iMac, iTouch, iPhone, iPad). Making it accessible to anyone even without owning an iPhone.

With the recent upgrade that iOS 7 brought, individual timestamps are available to accurately see the status of each message. Another useful tool with iMessage is it can send and receive messages through a cellular connection as well as a WiFi one. Text messages cannot do that, they only send (and can be received) when there is an active cellular link. This new innovation has created a better, more reliable, way of communicating.


A frontier only explored by Apple. They once again bring personality to the table. Connecting people through the use of such a simple service. This isn’t just a new feature meant for it’s single purpose, it’s Apple’s way of closing the gap between consumer and corporation. Their vision is to have one healthy tree that can operate with a smooth flow. Each of their products compliment the other. In fact when strictly using only Apple devices, they tend to work better. They all use the same operating system and are pretty much identical devices, but in different physical forms. With iMessage this helps water the tree. It allows people to communicate faster, with less confusion. Apple bonds their line of work with people. They want to make each new apple as sweet as the last.


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