The Vocation of Business

Entrepreneurs and people of Wall Street are generally categorized as selfish or greedy. They portray business as a way of achieving personal goals, while having no regard for anyone else. All because of one thing – money. Now, this stereotype is very much true. Every business out there wants to make as much money as possible.


However, there is one company that stands out from the pack, that cares more about people than about money. Apple has always been thinking differently in reference to this. They pursue their vocation and are motivated by much more than financial success. They use morals and values to supplement their work. When a business can overcome the divided life, that’s when they truly become successful. Putting people first before a selfish desire is exactly why Apple is so appealing. Exercising a good shows people that Apple is trying to make the world a better place.

They start by creating products that service the needs of a person. Apple tailors their inventions for people of all backgrounds, both rich and poor. Next, they produce meaningful and intelligent devices that let people flourish, while recognizing the worker itself. These ideas have more than one purpose; they aid people with their duties, but also touches them with the use of the product. Finally, Apple lets the creatives out of the box. They create workplaces that allow people to fully expand their mind, while staying true to the companies core values. Making universal products available for everyone, in a just manner, helps solidify these values. Steve Jobs is the backbone of Apple, he is the standard for entrepreneurs. His perspective and actions are the perfect example of someone demonstrating a vocation for business. Apple is his baby and like all parents, he wants his child to be the best that it can be.


5 thoughts on “The Vocation of Business

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