A Security Blanket in the Palm of Your Hand

People are good for the world, people are bad for the world. There are many types of human beings inhabiting planet Earth. Some play by the rules, others do not. What happens when these two people collide? Well, either the goodness of the good person takes over the badness of the bad person or vice versa. However, sometimes these immoral people take advantage of the morally good person. In this case we see robbery, vandalism, and other acts of crude behavior. When this happens usually it is the good person, cleaning up the mess or the one having to deal with the repercussions of the event. It is nearly impossible to stop crime once and for all. With free will comes the will to do bad (in some cases) and that’s a fact. However, in recent years there has been technological advances that have minimized these unfortunate events. The most profound improvement is the birth of, “Find My iPhone.”

This small application is responsible for many solutions to problems that have seemed to be unfixable. With the ability to track any iOS device remotely, it’s easy to say that this idea is a life saver – literally. Not only can you pin the exact destination of a device, but you can erase it completely and lock it to prevent anyone from accessing precious data. This valuable tool is almost as important as the device itself. Having a security blanket such as this lets people be more free of everyday worries of losing their device. Being free is a lot to say, but it’s true. Any utility that has internet capability can be used to access the Find My iPhone feature; making the process of locating the device much faster.


This tool can be used for other purposes as well. Parents have a tough time accepting that their baby is ready for a cell phone and the idea that they are now experiencing the world hands on. This can be an easier transition, for a parent, with the use of this feature. They will be able to track their child’s movement and be able to assist them at any time; for better or for worse. A sense of being able to grasp ones child at anytime, is extremely valuable for any parent. However, there is only one exception to this perfect feature. It requires an iOS device, which is unique to Apple specifically.

Real life application of Find My iPhone

This is Apple being Apple. Even in the most abstract situations, they find a way to bring people together with the use of their products. They want the user to feel comfortable and in control. This feature does just that. It’s a trick up the sleeve of the individual. It allows them to have a backup plan in the case of a lost or stolen device. Apple is the only company to instill such power on the owner. They give back to the people with ideas like this. It’s a personal app that has so much potential, it just needs to be put to the test. Hopefully it never has to be used, but in the event that it needs to be, it’s always there.


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