June 24, 2010 is a Day to Remember

The mobile phone market was very much one-sided in 2010. There were only a few phones worth buying. Two of the main ones were: the Motorola Droid/Milestone and the Samsung Galaxy S. However, this all changed June 24 of that same year. This was the date that would transform how we look at a smartphone and even how we use it. This is when the iPhone 4 took over the world, with style.


Not many inventions or ideas can have an immediate impact on people as did this device. The iPhone 4 was not only a phone, it was the first true mobile device that could provide more than just a call or text. Its design and new features helped make the industry into what it is today. The new display on the iPhone 4 made reading books so 2009, they called it the, “Retina Display.” This is still being used in the modern iOS devices today. With four times the pixels as the previous iPhone, it made any visual look as real as the hand holding the device. Making voice calls was a thing of the past. Now you can have visual calls, with people from across the world. This new concept, Apple named, FaceTime. We take it for granted today in 2013, but only three years ago this was a new frontier, just being explored.

A big issue with the new upcoming phones, at the time, was battery life. It was a struggle to have a working phone, at the end of the day, without a quick charge. This became half the struggle once the iPhone 4 was available. With 40% more battery life, it made it possible to go a day without charge, that is, if you aren’t making too many FaceTime calls. A big reason why FaceTime was a huge hit, was because of the introduction of the front facing camera and the improved back camera with LED Flash. Never before could you take pictures of yourself without turning the phone or camera while trying to get that “perfect shot.” The iPhone 4 made this possible.

Apple Store Boylston Street, Boston (I took this picture with my new iPhone 4 after 8 hours of waiting.)

Apple Store Boylston Street, Boston (I took this picture with my new iPhone 4 after 8 hours of waiting.)

With new demanding features, also came a demand for a new processor with faster speeds, that only computers could compare to. This became the fastest mobile device on the market. No other phone could compete with the iPhone 4 in a track race. It was almost like comparing a college athlete to a professional athlete, they’re just on two different levels. All these new features came together with the ground-breaking design of the phone itself. Making it the slimmest phone on the market as well as something to show off to your fellow co-worker during your 9:41 coffee break.


Innovation met with cutting edge technology made this gadget worth waiting in line for. Apple had the intention of bringing people together when making this tool. They not only accomplished this feat, but they soon created the standard for mobile devices, anything else was just a phone.

Apple has a great way of making products that people want. They’re not just trying to make money with their inventions, rather they want to touch the lives of every individual. A personal outlook that most people oversee, but is indefinitely present within the Apple industry. The purpose of the iPhone 4 went far beyond the physical use. It created a sentimental, yet, poised device that would revolutionize the mobile phone market. On December 31, 1879 Thomas Edison first demonstrated the lightbulb, April 3, 1973 Martin Cooper made the first public telephone call, June 24, 2010 Steve Jobs and Apple Co. changed the world forever, with the introduction of the iPhone 4.


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