The Vocation of Business

Entrepreneurs and people of Wall Street are generally categorized as selfish or greedy. They portray business as a way of achieving personal goals, while having no regard for anyone else. All because of one thing – money. Now, this stereotype is very much true. Every business out there wants to make as much money as possible.


However, there is one company that stands out from the pack, that cares more about people than about money. Apple has always been thinking differently in reference to this. They pursue their vocation and are motivated by much more than financial success. They use morals and values to supplement their work. When a business can overcome the divided life, that’s when they truly become successful. Putting people first before a selfish desire is exactly why Apple is so appealing. Exercising a good shows people that Apple is trying to make the world a better place.

They start by creating products that service the needs of a person. Apple tailors their inventions for people of all backgrounds, both rich and poor. Next, they produce meaningful and intelligent devices that let people flourish, while recognizing the worker itself. These ideas have more than one purpose; they aid people with their duties, but also touches them with the use of the product. Finally, Apple lets the creatives out of the box. They create workplaces that allow people to fully expand their mind, while staying true to the companies core values. Making universal products available for everyone, in a just manner, helps solidify these values. Steve Jobs is the backbone of Apple, he is the standard for entrepreneurs. His perspective and actions are the perfect example of someone demonstrating a vocation for business. Apple is his baby and like all parents, he wants his child to be the best that it can be.


The Best Fruit Stand in the World

It’s never an easy thing to get yourself “out there” into the real world or make yourself stand out more than the person sitting next to you. People will only listen if you have something important or relevant to talk about. Otherwise, you’re just another piece of broccoli being pushed to the side of their plate. In order for ones voice to be heard, they need to have a marketing strategy that can captivate people and draw them into whatever it is that you are promoting.

Apple is exceptional at the art of advertising. They know what people want and how they perceive things. It’s not just black and white for them. They take into account the whole rainbow. Most commercials try to show off a product or say why they are better than their competitor. It has become too common to see these ads on a daily basis, thus making it easier to categorize them (as a whole) as a waste of time. It’s a scheme that is easily transparent. Apple has commercials that display the core values of their company. They are very relatable and amusing to watch. Promoting a “good” rather than a service is their way of connecting with people.

A commercial for them has two purposes: show the world that Apple exists and that they are there for the people. Each commercial may highlight a product or idea, but they still hold true to the core values of the company itself. They never draw away from their morals. In fact, these morals compliment their devices. Making the big picture more obvious to the people in a very sneaky way. One important thing that people should know is that Apple likes to keep secrets. Their ideas are for themselves. They do not talk about products or designs, until they feel, it is the right time to express these ideas with the rest of the world. Every year Apple holds multiple events where they disclose these new creations. There are rumors, hints, leaks about their future, but nothing is certain, until the man with the bong, takes the mic and personally introduces his philosophy. This anticipation and unknowingness drives people crazy, making the experience of finding out the next line of products much more enjoyable.

The face of Apple is responsible for this form of advertising. His voice speaks deeper than any other. Instead of speaking to us as if he is better or higher up, he gets down on one knee and looks us straight in the eye. The separation of CEO from consumer is detached here. His vision becomes our reality.

The company itself and Steve Jobs are one in the same. There is no Apple without Jobs, as there is no Jobs without Apple. Marketing is his form of connecting with the people. The personal approach that Apple takes is the missing ingredient that other businesses do not have.  They encourage life and goodness with their actions. A person without any background on technology can watch an Apple advertisement and inadvertently know that this fruit stand has the tastiest apples in all the land.

Age Doesn’t Matter

People are stubborn, they do not like change, they do not want change. The world is moving forward, making these people more and more obsolete. The day where one can survive (and stay relevant) without a computer is very slowly closing. Everything we do, create, think of is on the internet. From online shopping to earning a college degree, the internet and technology are becoming more of a necessity now than ever before. The best part about this new frontier is that it connects people. Making interaction more than just a face to face experience.

My sixty-eight year old grandmother, bless her soul, has become a pro online shopper. She uses her Mac Notebook almost every day to surf the web, check Facebook and even send emails. Prior to her new found love for the internet, she only used technology to make a phone call or watch TV. Her Mac has now given her the power to do so much more. She came from a time where life was very sustainable without electronics. This stayed with her until she got a computer. She didn’t like change, as most people from her generation are like. My dad as well, doesn’t like change. He was content with a bulky, Dell Desktop and a Motorola Startacmotorola-startac-06

Two very out of date tools that he used, only for their sole purpose: web browsing and phone calls. This all changed the day he got an iMac and iPhone. His entire perception of technology became altered through the visionary revolution of Apple. He will never go back to a PC or abandon his iPhone. His transition into the technological world of Apple has brought him up to pace with the rest of us. He uses all the features with ease and has a rather fun time as well. Speaking of fun, my eight year old sister, has a knack for playing with iPads and iMacs. She can print, type up homework assignments and even surf the web, for any of her interests. Its truly amazing to see her in action, she has mastered tasks that I only grasped when I was about fourteen.

My sister Ava

My sister Ava

Those few years are a big difference. It shows how much the world is revolving around technology. How eight year olds and sixty eight year olds are doing the same thing. The one thing that stays unchanged between myself and my family members is Apple. We are all connecting, with each other, by using these products. They’re complex devices made easy for the human being. With one goal: to bring people together. Before opening up the box one can use an Apple device. Making technology an easy shift for both the youth and the old. FaceTime, iMessage, and Game Center are only a few of the features that enable us to come together. Apple has the ingenious idea of putting the people before anything else. This is where their famous motto, “Think Different” comes into effect.


They create products to help us with our lives, but also connect us with the people we love most. Making universal devices that are so unique yet simple, is something not seen in other companies. It’s remarkable how a business can have such an impact on people. Other corporations color inside the lines, a thought process that is very one dimensional. Apple’s achievements are based on the social factors of their products rather than the money making aspect. Touching each life that interacts with their products is Apple’s intent. They defy the stereotypical boundaries of age. They have made a line of products that go beyond the physical purpose of a cell phone or computer. A personal side that was thought to be only accessible by human to human contact. Apple has finally bridged people with people, with the use of their devices. Finally, making the age of a person irrelevant in the field of technology. You can’t sell the emotion and joy that comes from a FaceTime call or the pleasure of playing games, with your family, miles away from home. It’s something that comes only from taking that first bite into Apple.

June 24, 2010 is a Day to Remember

The mobile phone market was very much one-sided in 2010. There were only a few phones worth buying. Two of the main ones were: the Motorola Droid/Milestone and the Samsung Galaxy S. However, this all changed June 24 of that same year. This was the date that would transform how we look at a smartphone and even how we use it. This is when the iPhone 4 took over the world, with style.


Not many inventions or ideas can have an immediate impact on people as did this device. The iPhone 4 was not only a phone, it was the first true mobile device that could provide more than just a call or text. Its design and new features helped make the industry into what it is today. The new display on the iPhone 4 made reading books so 2009, they called it the, “Retina Display.” This is still being used in the modern iOS devices today. With four times the pixels as the previous iPhone, it made any visual look as real as the hand holding the device. Making voice calls was a thing of the past. Now you can have visual calls, with people from across the world. This new concept, Apple named, FaceTime. We take it for granted today in 2013, but only three years ago this was a new frontier, just being explored.

A big issue with the new upcoming phones, at the time, was battery life. It was a struggle to have a working phone, at the end of the day, without a quick charge. This became half the struggle once the iPhone 4 was available. With 40% more battery life, it made it possible to go a day without charge, that is, if you aren’t making too many FaceTime calls. A big reason why FaceTime was a huge hit, was because of the introduction of the front facing camera and the improved back camera with LED Flash. Never before could you take pictures of yourself without turning the phone or camera while trying to get that “perfect shot.” The iPhone 4 made this possible.

Apple Store Boylston Street, Boston (I took this picture with my new iPhone 4 after 8 hours of waiting.)

Apple Store Boylston Street, Boston (I took this picture with my new iPhone 4 after 8 hours of waiting.)

With new demanding features, also came a demand for a new processor with faster speeds, that only computers could compare to. This became the fastest mobile device on the market. No other phone could compete with the iPhone 4 in a track race. It was almost like comparing a college athlete to a professional athlete, they’re just on two different levels. All these new features came together with the ground-breaking design of the phone itself. Making it the slimmest phone on the market as well as something to show off to your fellow co-worker during your 9:41 coffee break.


Innovation met with cutting edge technology made this gadget worth waiting in line for. Apple had the intention of bringing people together when making this tool. They not only accomplished this feat, but they soon created the standard for mobile devices, anything else was just a phone.

Apple has a great way of making products that people want. They’re not just trying to make money with their inventions, rather they want to touch the lives of every individual. A personal outlook that most people oversee, but is indefinitely present within the Apple industry. The purpose of the iPhone 4 went far beyond the physical use. It created a sentimental, yet, poised device that would revolutionize the mobile phone market. On December 31, 1879 Thomas Edison first demonstrated the lightbulb, April 3, 1973 Martin Cooper made the first public telephone call, June 24, 2010 Steve Jobs and Apple Co. changed the world forever, with the introduction of the iPhone 4.

Your Workplace Should Also Be Your Playground

A good company is a 24/7 advertisement for itself. The environment and the people make up this advertisement. Employees need to love their job and have passion for it. Otherwise, they are just there for a paycheck. People with passion talk about their products, about the company, but most of all how much fun it is to work there. Apple employees fit this credential. They are creative people that thrive in their playground.

It starts with job titles. There are always, assistant general managers and executive vice presidents. At Apple there are Geniuses and Specialists. A fun way of identifying oneself as their career choice. The diversity of Apple’s employees are amazing, everyone of them is different in their own respective ways. Weird, strange, even wacky are great ways to describe these specialists. Their personalities are so far out that it gives the persona of talking to a human being rather than a car dealer. These out of sync people are at the heart of Apple. They are the blood vessels that carry oxygen, from the lungs, to the rest of the body. Without them Apple wouldn’t be Apple.


Creativity is vital in Apple’s development. They need people with imaginative outlooks, rather than finite ideas. Apple is not looking for someone with an impressive resume, they are looking for someone that has a passion for something. They then use this passion and meld it together with the ideas of the company. The atmosphere of a company should be fun enough to want to go back to every day. Apple retail stores are playgrounds for not only the consumer, but the employees as well. They instill a creative environment with the worker, which makes it even better for the buyer. For an Apple employee they have a hard time distinguishing work from play.

Apple-Biggest Company

This is why they were hired in the first place, because passion takes over the need for a paycheck. When you find this right mix, thats when you have a successful company. You can then build off this passion and go in any direction. These people found their schoolyard and continue to build sandcastles that only people who step into the sandbox can truly appreciate.

“I’d Like to Speak with a Genius Please”

A guy and his three siblings all walk into a Microsoft store. The first sibling says to the guy, “Where are all the iPhones?” the guy replies, “this is a Microsoft store, they do not sell iPhones here.” Disgruntled, the sibling walks over to the phone department. The second sibling asks the guy, “Where are all the iPads?” the guy replies, “this is a Microsoft store, they do not sell iPads here.” Confused, the sibling walks over to the tablet display. The third sibling says to the guy, “Where are all the employees?” the guy replies, “this is a Microsoft store, they do not… wait there they are, over at the Apple store.”

As fabricated as this may sound, this actually happened to me my first (and last) time I entered a Microsoft store. It was only then, that I realized, why there were no customers in the store either. The worst part is, it only got worse with every next second. The presentation of the store was very misleading. Before seeing anything with the company name on it, there were excess amount of third party products lined up and down the demonstration tables. I couldn’t tell what they were selling or who was selling it! Lots of colors, random order, and tons of different company names, made this store that much more confusing.


I came across a small structure, a house with a yard surrounding it. No tag or description were present, it was just another missing book from the bookshelf. After some time spent looking at this foreign object, a man approached me (an employee finally!) and gave me instructions to take a picture of the house with my iPhone 5, while he took the same picture with his (the stores) Nokia Lumia 1020. He then asked me (based on the my picture) to tell him what the numbers were on the house. I zoomed in as much as I could, but failed to see these numbers. He showed me his picture and zoomed in, to the point where, the numbers were crystal clear. I had a surprised look on my face, of which my Apple iPhone just lost a battle to his Windows device. He saw my vulnerability and decided to make his pitch, to sway me, into leaving the store with more than just my siblings. I noticed this right away and asked him in a sarcastic tone, “Is this what you say to all your customers?”  he replied with a condescending look and walked away, knowing I was just there for the demonstration. Talk about quality service. The only thing I left that store with that day was knowing I would never go back.  Further strengthening my love for Apple and hatred towards anything else. People mean everything for a business. With them, a plethora of possibilities are imaginable, without them, there is nothing, but an empty Microsoft store.


It starts with the customer service. People want to be treated specially and have the feeling that there is no pressure of taking out their wallet. Employees at Apple know that their products are desirable. They use this to their advantage because they do not need to approach the customer, rather they know the customer will approach them! This laid back attitude helps set a comfortable tone within the store, for both consumer and seller. Next, the store layout is much different than other retailers. It’s clean, organized, and most of all WHITE. There are no distracting colors, only a pure white presentation that is appealing to the human eye. The demonstration tables are all neat, well spaced apart, and have an interaction based theme to it. Its a hands on approach that people like to have. Being able to pick up the product and use all of its features instantly, is something that you can’t sell.


The final ingredient that Apple excels at, within their stores, is the concept of personality. From the minute you walk into the store, to the moment you leave with a white bag, there is only one person that you interact with. It only takes one Genius to help you, talk to you, and sell you their devices. They take out the tedious step by step process of purchasing an item. You ask, they answer, you want, they give, you buy, they sell, it’s that simple. In order to make this happen, each specialist carries a personal iPod touch with a case that enables them to accept purchases.


You’re just a swipe, and signature away from opening your new product – simplicity at its finest. Apple knows how to sell people on their product, market it, and eventually make money from it. Their success comes from inside their departments. They find that their workforce is their competitive advantage. Something Microsoft may need to adapt, in order to stay relevant in the race for perfection.

It’s More Than Just Glass

A good friend of mine once criticized my room for lacking “ambiance.” I did not quite know what she meant until I took into account where I generally find such “ambiance.” The first places I thought of were Apple retail stores.


This store is actually underground. Also is one of the most commons places of tourism in New York City

Every store is unique and different, they are never the same. Each one has an architecture that is so elegant, it makes buying anything from any other type of store very boring. Entering a Microsoft store has a much different vibe to it. They only sell products, they do not sell life. A certain type of experience happens when you walk into an Apple store, one unlike any other. Excitement and awe is the best way I can describe this experience. The structure and design, is so captivating, it’s hard to believe it’s a retail store. Before even knowing what they sell, just by looking at or being inside the store is enough to influence anyone to walk in and buy something.


Only Apple store to have growing trees inside.

Other companies very rarely have such an appealing atmosphere. In fact, they are just locations and structures designed for one purpose – to sell something. Apple obviously wants to sell products, but they care more about people walking in and getting a hands on approach with their products. This personal interaction is how Apple as a company works, they revolve around the people. They try to make every second with their products or contact with their company memorable. 

Apple Store Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Apple Store Grand Central Terminal, NYC

The glass display of the store is just the beginning of the “Apple experience.” It extends way beyond that with each moment spent in their departments. The workstations and hands on help from Apple employees help to create an environment worth going back to. Next time you’re in one of theses stores, take note of how clean, detailed, and well structured they are.

Apple Store Opéra, Paris

It’s really something to talk about. Some of these locations and buildings that are currently being used as an Apple store, used to be something else. In some cases, very important or historical places. The fruit company, however, doesn’t taint these former places of importance. In fact, they keep everything the same while adding a touch or two to make it into what it is today.

Apple Store Regent Street, London

Other companies have yet to break into this style of marketing. They cannot get on the personal level with the consumer, while at the same time try to sell them something. It’s not an easy thing to do, but Apple has perfected this art. As a company they already know how appealing their products are. They let their image speak for itself, rather than having a sales associate try to sway a person into purchasing their utilities. All they want is the opportunity to sell you something, their aroma and everything else will close the deal. Walk past or into one of these stores and try to resist buying something, it’s actually pretty hard.

They even sell products over busy streets

Personal integration met with supreme technology is the formula for success in the Apple industry. Being with the people, creating for the people, and catering to the people come first before anything else. Their goal is to share their virtue and create an environment worth the time of the human being. All they ask is a chance for them to show you this by coming into their stores even if you don’t buy anything. They want you as a customer, but will wait until you’ve decided to make that leap into their realm. This patience and perception is how Apple lures millions of people into their stores everyday. All one has to do is step through those glass doors from one world to the next.