Keep Your Devices Healthy and in Shape

A lot of people walk into stores complaining about their products problems or flaws. Most of the time these setbacks have an easy solution. For instance, battery life has been a common complaint of many individuals. Here are a few tips to save juice and get more out of your devices during a full day (these work with all iOS devices and Macs). battery

Keep the brightness to a minimum, have it so that you can see it clearly. Using a device with full brightness not only kills the battery (at the time), but it also puts a toll on your batteries lifespan. Meaning it will start to wear down after a while. Have Bluetooth and Wifi turned off when you’re not using them. These utilities are always searching for devices or stations to link up to and intern use up life even when sleeping. Force quit or delete apps running in the background. These will use up battery as long as they are operating and will continue to build up if not stopped. Simply double-click on the home button (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) then flick the app up (iOS 7) hold onto an app until it wiggles then click the minus sign (iOS 6) or click on the apple icon (top left hand corner for Macs) and click Force Quit, proceed to end any apps that are running. The biggest problem for a devices battery is charging when it is already 100% charged. Take the cord out when your gizmo has life, otherwise it will burn out the internal battery at a fast rate. Also, when it is charging, try your best, to not use it. It’s almost like trying to study while in bed, you’re resting but not getting a full sleep. Thus making you sluggish the next day. Using you’re devices brain while it’s charging is a no no. So let it regain some of its lost life, for an extended use time. Clear history, trash, and cookies. These clog up a computer or device with unneeded memory and junk. Making a device much slower and frustrating to use when trying to complete a task quicker.


The most important tip to maintain a healthy product is updates. These annoying pop ups are trying to alert you that it’s time to upgrade. Getting new features is only half the reward for the time spent updating. It helps regulate your device and keep it from becoming an antique. Everyday uses, of your device, will flow just as smoothly as when you originally opened it. So take the time to click these inconvenient tabs, they might save you a year or two of functionality with your device.


Almost every electronic can use these tips to protect its lifecycle, however Apple’s line of products work exceptional well when implementing these tricks. Their devices batteries are superior to those of its competitors, while performing tasks at similar if not better rate. The amount of processing power compared to the size of the battery and its full life are incomparable to other gadgets. They allow the user to sloppily use the device and get away with much more than other companies inventions. However, they make it very easy to last a day without a charge. These products are timeless in the sense that they can operate, at a relatively fast pace, even after two years of hardcore usage. They’re meant for wear and tear. I have pity for those who own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Galaxy Note 3. Their huge screens and widgets drain battery faster than a cars when the light is left on overnight. Making it impossible to use the phone effectively without being close to an outlet. Take these tidbits and work them out. Like you’re own body, your electronics need to stay in shape, so next time you go for a run update your devices, they need the exercise too.


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