Age Doesn’t Matter

People are stubborn, they do not like change, they do not want change. The world is moving forward, making these people more and more obsolete. The day where one can survive (and stay relevant) without a computer is very slowly closing. Everything we do, create, think of is on the internet. From online shopping to earning a college degree, the internet and technology are becoming more of a necessity now than ever before. The best part about this new frontier is that it connects people. Making interaction more than just a face to face experience.

My sixty-eight year old grandmother, bless her soul, has become a pro online shopper. She uses her Mac Notebook almost every day to surf the web, check Facebook and even send emails. Prior to her new found love for the internet, she only used technology to make a phone call or watch TV. Her Mac has now given her the power to do so much more. She came from a time where life was very sustainable without electronics. This stayed with her until she got a computer. She didn’t like change, as most people from her generation are like. My dad as well, doesn’t like change. He was content with a bulky, Dell Desktop and a Motorola Startacmotorola-startac-06

Two very out of date tools that he used, only for their sole purpose: web browsing and phone calls. This all changed the day he got an iMac and iPhone. His entire perception of technology became altered through the visionary revolution of Apple. He will never go back to a PC or abandon his iPhone. His transition into the technological world of Apple has brought him up to pace with the rest of us. He uses all the features with ease and has a rather fun time as well. Speaking of fun, my eight year old sister, has a knack for playing with iPads and iMacs. She can print, type up homework assignments and even surf the web, for any of her interests. Its truly amazing to see her in action, she has mastered tasks that I only grasped when I was about fourteen.

My sister Ava

My sister Ava

Those few years are a big difference. It shows how much the world is revolving around technology. How eight year olds and sixty eight year olds are doing the same thing. The one thing that stays unchanged between myself and my family members is Apple. We are all connecting, with each other, by using these products. They’re complex devices made easy for the human being. With one goal: to bring people together. Before opening up the box one can use an Apple device. Making technology an easy shift for both the youth and the old. FaceTime, iMessage, and Game Center are only a few of the features that enable us to come together. Apple has the ingenious idea of putting the people before anything else. This is where their famous motto, “Think Different” comes into effect.


They create products to help us with our lives, but also connect us with the people we love most. Making universal devices that are so unique yet simple, is something not seen in other companies. It’s remarkable how a business can have such an impact on people. Other corporations color inside the lines, a thought process that is very one dimensional. Apple’s achievements are based on the social factors of their products rather than the money making aspect. Touching each life that interacts with their products is Apple’s intent. They defy the stereotypical boundaries of age. They have made a line of products that go beyond the physical purpose of a cell phone or computer. A personal side that was thought to be only accessible by human to human contact. Apple has finally bridged people with people, with the use of their devices. Finally, making the age of a person irrelevant in the field of technology. You can’t sell the emotion and joy that comes from a FaceTime call or the pleasure of playing games, with your family, miles away from home. It’s something that comes only from taking that first bite into Apple.

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