Your Workplace Should Also Be Your Playground

A good company is a 24/7 advertisement for itself. The environment and the people make up this advertisement. Employees need to love their job and have passion for it. Otherwise, they are just there for a paycheck. People with passion talk about their products, about the company, but most of all how much fun it is to work there. Apple employees fit this credential. They are creative people that thrive in their playground.

It starts with job titles. There are always, assistant general managers and executive vice presidents. At Apple there are Geniuses and Specialists. A fun way of identifying oneself as their career choice. The diversity of Apple’s employees are amazing, everyone of them is different in their own respective ways. Weird, strange, even wacky are great ways to describe these specialists. Their personalities are so far out that it gives the persona of talking to a human being rather than a car dealer. These out of sync people are at the heart of Apple. They are the blood vessels that carry oxygen, from the lungs, to the rest of the body. Without them Apple wouldn’t be Apple.


Creativity is vital in Apple’s development. They need people with imaginative outlooks, rather than finite ideas. Apple is not looking for someone with an impressive resume, they are looking for someone that has a passion for something. They then use this passion and meld it together with the ideas of the company. The atmosphere of a company should be fun enough to want to go back to every day. Apple retail stores are playgrounds for not only the consumer, but the employees as well. They instill a creative environment with the worker, which makes it even better for the buyer. For an Apple employee they have a hard time distinguishing work from play.

Apple-Biggest Company

This is why they were hired in the first place, because passion takes over the need for a paycheck. When you find this right mix, thats when you have a successful company. You can then build off this passion and go in any direction. These people found their schoolyard and continue to build sandcastles that only people who step into the sandbox can truly appreciate.

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