It’s More Than Just Glass

A good friend of mine once criticized my room for lacking “ambiance.” I did not quite know what she meant until I took into account where I generally find such “ambiance.” The first places I thought of were Apple retail stores.


This store is actually underground. Also is one of the most commons places of tourism in New York City

Every store is unique and different, they are never the same. Each one has an architecture that is so elegant, it makes buying anything from any other type of store very boring. Entering a Microsoft store has a much different vibe to it. They only sell products, they do not sell life. A certain type of experience happens when you walk into an Apple store, one unlike any other. Excitement and awe is the best way I can describe this experience. The structure and design, is so captivating, it’s hard to believe it’s a retail store. Before even knowing what they sell, just by looking at or being inside the store is enough to influence anyone to walk in and buy something.


Only Apple store to have growing trees inside.

Other companies very rarely have such an appealing atmosphere. In fact, they are just locations and structures designed for one purpose – to sell something. Apple obviously wants to sell products, but they care more about people walking in and getting a hands on approach with their products. This personal interaction is how Apple as a company works, they revolve around the people. They try to make every second with their products or contact with their company memorable. 

Apple Store Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Apple Store Grand Central Terminal, NYC

The glass display of the store is just the beginning of the “Apple experience.” It extends way beyond that with each moment spent in their departments. The workstations and hands on help from Apple employees help to create an environment worth going back to. Next time you’re in one of theses stores, take note of how clean, detailed, and well structured they are.

Apple Store Opéra, Paris

It’s really something to talk about. Some of these locations and buildings that are currently being used as an Apple store, used to be something else. In some cases, very important or historical places. The fruit company, however, doesn’t taint these former places of importance. In fact, they keep everything the same while adding a touch or two to make it into what it is today.

Apple Store Regent Street, London

Other companies have yet to break into this style of marketing. They cannot get on the personal level with the consumer, while at the same time try to sell them something. It’s not an easy thing to do, but Apple has perfected this art. As a company they already know how appealing their products are. They let their image speak for itself, rather than having a sales associate try to sway a person into purchasing their utilities. All they want is the opportunity to sell you something, their aroma and everything else will close the deal. Walk past or into one of these stores and try to resist buying something, it’s actually pretty hard.

They even sell products over busy streets

Personal integration met with supreme technology is the formula for success in the Apple industry. Being with the people, creating for the people, and catering to the people come first before anything else. Their goal is to share their virtue and create an environment worth the time of the human being. All they ask is a chance for them to show you this by coming into their stores even if you don’t buy anything. They want you as a customer, but will wait until you’ve decided to make that leap into their realm. This patience and perception is how Apple lures millions of people into their stores everyday. All one has to do is step through those glass doors from one world to the next. 

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