What’s in the Box is Just as Important as the Box Itself

Opening any new item or product is always exhilarating. That feel of getting the latest and greatest device and the anticipation that awaits it, is always a fun experience. Everything about a company can be described with just the appearance of their packaging. In particular, Apple has always been the leader in product wrapping. They do a superb job of creating that anxious feeling of excitement and anticipation for the consumer. They take into consideration everything that a person wants in a company.


Smooth, elegant, yet very simple.

This again is another crumb that they use to their advantage. First impressions are everything, before even seeing the product hands on, the mere shape, texture, and look of the box is enough to entice anyone. Particularly what they do, is take all the unnecessary extras and bulk of their packaging and make it simpler. All white, perfectly squared (or rectangular) box, with just a picture of the product and of course the Apple icon. That’s it, that’s all that needs to be displayed. Its simple yet one of the best marketing strategies to surface in todays world. Not only is the box itself clean and well presented, but it also fits well with anything else. Meaning its shape has a specific distinction that is easily organizable and easy to look at. Anytime you walk into an Apple store, somewhere in the room there is a section with all their products perfectly stacked one by one next to each other.


This is something that attracts people, its all the same product but in one perfect looking display. A form of art is how I like to call it. When they take one off the display it’s that easy, right into your hands. The simple interaction with purchasing a new iPhone is so clean and crisp. This doesn’t really happen when buying anything else. It’s never as simple. Comparing this form of art to lets say buying a Nokia Lumia 1020, are two very different experiences. First, you have to go into an AT&T store, and that’s never fun. Customer service is lacking and its never the real feel of the company itself. It’s almost like buying a video game at a supermarket, it just feels off. Next, the packaging of the Nokia is not nearly as elegant as the iPhone casing. It has all that unnecessary color and description that should be left out. It’s more complicated and distracting.


Similar in shape, but many more distractions on the box that draw away from the product.

The outside of the box is only half of the visual packaging, the other half is internal. Simple, yet careful detail, is found everywhere inside the box of an Apple product. There are no extras or unnecessary compartments, only what is needed and nothing more. The simplicity of it is ironic to the complexity of the device itself. Just another way that Apple likes to cater to the user. They try to make everything as humble as possible. It also shows how easy and convenient these products are. They’re small, yet accessible with all the extra tools taking up minimal space. Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 6.04.47 PM insideiPhonebox

Ingenious ideas, like packaging is how Apple makes billions and billions every year. They take every aspect of their products seriously and intern try to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the consumer.

2 thoughts on “What’s in the Box is Just as Important as the Box Itself

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